Brand New Key

Lo-fi, blue/stomp/folk/porch-grass.


Queer Ass Folk, June 18th - FREE

Folks, we want to thank you heartily for coming out to the in.gredients shows.  We saw old friends, made new ones, and got to play to some gorgeous sunsets.  We couldn't be happier.  Upcoming, we've got a couple of shows in June.  

CheerUp Charlies on June 18th:  Queer Ass Folk - FREE! 

Who's going to be there?

 Brand New Key is the cutest damn queer bluegrass outfit you will ever lay eyes on; Amanda Mora and Mollie Fischer (Rose) will mesmerize you with their haunting harmonies and Mollie on cello is not to be missed; Pillow Princess is an eclectic display of ADHD channeled through music, spanning multiple instrumentations and genres; finally Crystal Queer Revelation, a queer choir based out of Austin, will perform a wide variety of covers for your enjoyment. Our solo artists are Clark McKay, Augustyn BlakeSam Peterson, Ryan Fan,andKayla Ludy. Come support queer musician and venues in Austin! FREE