Brand New Key

Lo-fi, blue/stomp/folk/porch-grass.


End of the Story is a knee slapping, toe tapping fun listen with great songwriting and great harmonies. Jack and Amy’s voices blend beautifully and nestle comfortably in nice, simple arrangements that are interspersed with interesting instrumentals. Personal favorites are the title track End of the Story, Little Reminders, Possum Trot Lottery and Recovery. Do yourself a favor and put this CD on your playlist.
— Dan Hardick, Musician/Austin Chronicle, Austin, TX
I was just saying to my friends that I needed some more Bluegrass in my life. Well, I just finished listening to the debut album from this Austin band called Brand New Key. It’s refreshingly catchy and bright. The lyrics are beautiful and the singing is lovely. I hope to catch a live show of theirs soon!
— Nakia, Musician, Austin, TX
Really cool that Brand New Key’s latest recording, ‘End Of The Story,’ captures the spirit of their live shows with original tunes that are fun and infectious!
— Eddie Collins, Bluegrass Musician, Austin, TX
Brand New Key - One of my favorite Local bands in Austin ....Positive, Fun, Accomplished Musicians who don’t take themselves too seriously but serious enough to get your legs moving and your hands clapping... They have a loyal following of fans who show up at every gig and turn it into a big fun loving party. I highly recommend checking out BNK for the music and the energy they create with their fans.
— Ethan Azarian, Musician/Artist/Muralist, Austin, TX
Brand New Key’s album, ‘End of the Story’, is original and interesting.  Great lyrics like, “it was one of those accidents I think I engineered”, show up all over the place and kept me listening for the next little gem.  I kept finding it.
— Amy Cook, Musician, Austin, TX