Brand New Key

Lo-fi, blue/stomp/folk/porch-grass.


Brand New Key is an Americana band with roots in bluegrass, country, and folk.

Meet the Band

Brand New Key began as a duo in 2013 when Texas natives Amy Moreland and Jack Kaulfus teamed up to harmonize on one another's original tunes. Amy was just finishing up a decade with Austin favorite Darling New Neighbors and Jack had been slowly returning to music by writing songs and playing guitar for Americana band Centerville.

Shortly after landing a couple of backyard barbeque gigs, Jill Csekitz came on as a percussionist and completely transformed the sound of the band. As the primary drummer for Fingerpistol (voted Austin's Best Country Band in Austin Chronicle's Music Poll 2015 and 2016), Jill brings 35 years of kit skills to the cajon, and also plays the spoons on a couple of very special songs. Jill's love for Americana music began early in the foothills of the Blue Mountains of Pennsyvania, where she was born.

In 2014, Oklahoman multi-instrumentalist Julie Shipp agreed to split her time between punk band Bitterheart Society and Brand New Key. As stand-up bassist, she brightens up the lower end and rounds out the sound of the quartet.

Brand New Key's newest band member, Ashley Welch, is a percussionist who landed in Austin in 2004 after living all over the US. She plays cajon and other percussive things, and takes over the entire percussion section when Jill is off being famous.

When the stars align, Brand New Key also enjoys the clogging styles of Melanie Cofield on a few songs per set.